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ER Connie & Elks National Foundation need YOU!!

The Elks fiscal year started on April 1, 2023. Since then, Reno Elks Lodge has donated $12,049 to the Elks National Foundation thanks to a few large donations. Our numbers are based on 2,236 members and at this time, 28.53% of our members are donating. Our per capita is $5.389 and the Exalted Ruler’s goal is $15.00 per member. We are only 5th in the State for our participation.

Many of you donated with your dues and we really appreciate that but now it is time to step up and give a little more. This can be done at meetings through the Tiler, or an easy way is to sign up for the Fidelity Club and give monthly. You can set it up for as little as $5 per month or just a onetime gift to come out of a debit or credit card. Let’s try to reach #1 in the State with this giving and help Connie reach her goal of $15 per member. Visit, go to Member Log in, and once you are logged in go to Elks National Foundation on the top banner to donate. It is easy and you can make our lodge shine in the Elk spirit of giving.

Mary DuBois

Elks National Foundation Chairperson

Reno Lodge#597


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Jon Hamel
Jon Hamel
Sep 30, 2023

As of September 30th, ENF records show that that lodge has contributed $14,790 or $6.61 per member.

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