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Hunters Information: Reno Elks Lodge

Calling All Hunters: Your Adventure Awaits

Whether you're planning your next big hunt or looking to share your experiences, Reno Elks Lodge is your hub for important hunting information.


Providing Hunters with Useful Info

The Reno Elks Lodge Leather Program has processed and is currently in the process of shipping approximately 50 big game hides to Tennessee for tanning in support of the Elks National Veterans Service Commission Hides Program. The hides were donated by Reno big game hunters and were then prepared for shipping by Les Massman. The hides will be shipped by a commercial carrier through arrangements made by Paul Enos, Reno Lodge member and CEO of the Nevada Trucking Association.

The Grand Lodge Veterans Leather Program saw 12 states collect a total of 17,234 hides which allowed for 3,075 veterans receiving wheelchair gloves & 10,620 veterans receiving leather craft kits.

A special heartfelt thank you to those generous Elk members who donated hides to this worthwhile veterans program.


If you need further information, please contact:
Ed Takach, NSEA - (775) 431-7433 (call or text)

Les Massman, Hides Chairman - (775) 786-8628

Hides can be delivered to the Reno Elks Lodge during business hours for storage and processing.

For further information call Ed Takach,- (775) 431-7433, or The Reno Elks Lodge at  (775)825-0597

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