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Forget what you can get and see what you can give.

Gratitude Grant works for Students in need...

The Reno Elks National Foundation Committee worked hard this summer to put together pencil boxes and Drug Awareness information for the students of Mariposa Academy in Reno.
  They filled 170 pencil boxes  with much needed school supplies for the students to start them off with what they need for the upcoming school year. The bags were delivered to the school by the committee for the teachers and administration to distribute. Jenny Hunt, Principal, and the teaching staff were grateful and appreciative of the school supply donation. This fulfills part of Reno Lodge's Gratitude Grant obligations; the other part will be buying books for the students later in the school year.  "Kudos" to Denise Stone & her committee for their exceptional hard work.

ENF Fiscal Year numbers are in.....

I am pleased to report that fiscal year as of April 30, 2021, the Reno Elks Lodge has donated $780.00 to the Elks National Foundation. Our total per member donation is $.50, which does not include donations made with dues payments.

Every Lodge now has agoal for Fidelity Club Membership. If we reach the goal, which is based on 5% of the prior year's donors, the Reno Lodge will be eligible for a $500 bonus on the Gratitude Grant. Our Lodge's goal for this fiscal year is 28 Fidelity Club Members; we currently have 17 member s enrolled in this program. Please consider joining the Fidelity Club; it's a quick and easy way to donate.

The State of Nevada contributed total donations of $6,170.28 to ENF for the current fiscal year with a $1.09 per capita giving total per member. Nevada was #1 in the Nation in member per capita giving last fiscal year.

Special thanks go out to Susan Stinchfield for heading up the Cinco de Mayo Veterans Appreciation Luncheon. Another big Thank You goes out to the 18 Elk Members & 2 Non-Members who volunteered 109 hours and 788 miles to serve lunch to 55 Veterans & family members.

This year, the Reno Lodge Elks National Foundation Committee purchased 211 books in coordination with Liberian, Summer Bean at the Mariposa Academy. Jenny HUnt, Principal, held an assembly for the children so Elroy the Elk and other volunteers could present the children with the books. They were very excited to receive the new books for the library. Denise Stone was also able to fulfill the Gratitude Grant by using $1,568 for the books & another $1,000 on the pencil boxes given at the beginning of the school year. Mariposa Academy is an at-risk Charter school who appreciative to be part of the program.

The Elks National Foundation insures our veterans are never forgotten. In 2020-21, the Elks National Foundation granted $3.6 million to meet the needs of veterans through the Elks National Veterans Service Commission, including $1.3 million to help end veteran homelessness.

Thank you for your continued support for the Elks National Foundation. If you have questions regarding donations, participating in the lodge ENF programs or wish to volunteer on the ENF Committee, please contact:

Denise Stone
ENF Committee Chair
(775) 313-1777