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Elks Balloon Race team is up, up and away!

The Great Reno Balloon Races asked the Elks Community for our help and our volunteers came through in a big way.

Set-Up & Tear Down: Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday 8:30 - 11:30. 12 volunteers moved cones, set up tents, set up the merchandise tent, roped off parking, set up the VIP section of the field (Cloud 9), set and moved steel barricades. Elk Hours: 95. Miles 210. Non-Member Helpers Hours: 35. Miles 30

Traffic Duty: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 2:00am-6:30am. 10 volunteers, directed traffic on the Sierra Street entrance of Rancho San Rafael Park making sure anyone who entered had proper credentials. Elk Hours: 100. Miles 280. Non-Member Helpers Hours: 20. Miles 28

Crew: Thursday, Friday Saturday & Sunday 4:00am-8:00am 34 volunteers signed up to help hot air balloon pilots get their aircraft safely off the ground. Moving baskets, pulling ropes, directing fans to inflate envelopes, directing foot traffic away from the tarps, holding ropes while the balloons are filling up with air heated by propane. Then taking exciting rides in the sky, and helping chase the balloons down in a vehicle with other volunteers in a race through Reno. Elk Hours: 160. Miles 350. Non-Member Helpers Hours: 44. Miles 75.

Pancake Flippers: Wednesday tent set up, flipping Friday, Saturday & Sunday 3:00am-9:00am Good Morning! Wednesday The Kiwanis Organization met us at the park and gave us their pancake trailer. Set up was fast with many hands helping, Model Dairy donated OJ, & milk, US Foods supplied us with pancake batter, and the rest was up to us. Friday morning Bill Johnson prepared the batter, coffee and hot water. Our volunteers were patiently waiting for supplies to organize the tent, by 4:00am hungry customers were in line excited to eat hot delicious pancakes and spicy sausages covered in maple syrup. The perfect food to take in such a beautiful "FREE" community event, made possible by volunteers like us! Elk Hours: 95. Miles 205. Non-Member Helpers Hours: 42. Miles 60

In the process of volunteering we made: $9,185. Congratulations Reno Elks Lodge. You should be proud

of your service.

By Frank Picone

Leading Knight


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