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This year‘s uncle Dan’s charity dinner was a tremendous success. We were able to raise just over $51,000 after paying all of our expenses. This was due to the help of so many giving sponsors

-Andrew Cross of Truckee Tahoe lumber

-Paul Enos from Nevada trucking association

-Brian Cassidy of Junk King

Just to name a few. So many of our members and business owners made cash donations, and gave wonderful prizes.

A few things that were different this year and made a big difference in the efficiency of the dinner was thanks to our member Chris Eikelberger, the owner of Eikelberger awning. Chris donated, set up and broke down a 50’ x 20’foot tent just off of the terrace room, which is where we served the delicious food. This allowed for us to seat our 400 members very comfortably.

This year we utilized our NEW smokers to prepare 30 whole turkeys. Our chefs, Mike Freitas & Billy Sousa oversaw the production of the delicious meal. They had help from our lodge members Eric Cowan, Jarrod Hickman, & Alex Crosby. We also had help in the kitchen from a visiting member Antoinette Casselberry from Tahoe Douglas Lodge. She made her family’s fantastic green bean casserole. Our compliments to all of the Chefs!

Another addition to the event was the silent auction bake sale. Members Diane Greenan, and Susan Stinchfield made sure that all of the desserts were accounted for and dispersed. Some of the cakes and baked goods sold for over $100!!

As always, Mischelle Leach, and Boy Scout troop #4 was instrumental in the set-up, serving of all of the food, tearing down all of the tables, and cleaning up after the event. I am very excited to report that we will be donating $1000 to troop #4 for their efforts.

Our past exalted rulers Kirt Tractor Warren and Sean Brennan were the MC’s for the night. They made the evening exciting while calling the numbers out for the general raffle prizes. They raise $18,450 from our live auction items.

All in all we had *68 volunteers, *763 Hours were given, *1509 miles driven

I wish I could include everyone involved that made this function successful, but I am afraid that we don’t have enough room in the Call, But trust me you know who you are and I appreciate you very much.


Frank Picone,

Esteemed Leading Knight

If you were un able to attend this year’s event and would like to give to our charity account Please donate directly to Uncle Dan’s Charity Account.


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